Karma as the Annual Theme

The Anthroposophical Society in Germany chose its topic because of current events and the increasing questions about honest coexistence. A conference is planned for the middle of the year.

“The present time makes it clear to us what human karma is,” says Michael Schmock, Secretary General of the German national organization. Even if individuals are always affected by pandemics or climate catastrophes, these are processes that have a human impact. In the case of individual karma, questions arise about one’s own abilities or fallibility, about causes and consequences or about the possibilities of individual action.

The AGiD wants to take the first steps with an understanding of karma, “that it can be discussed, experienced and managed”. It is one of the central themes in anthroposophy. «We are concerned with concrete, practical, practicing approaches to understanding the question of karma. We are also concerned with an original contribution that anthroposophy can make in today’s cultural world – especially in view of the questions and problems that we as humanity share.»

The Karma conference is planned from June 24th to 26th, where people will share their approaches and experiences. The invited speakers are: Martin Schlueter, Alexander Schaumann, Jaak Hillen, Nothart Rohlfs, Katja Schultz, Andre Bartoniczek, Hans Supenkamper, Corinna Gleide, Eva Kleber and Steffen Hartmann. The field of karma research and experience spans human observations, the expansion of the concept of self, experiences of fate in artistic processes, karma knowledge in historical and encounter events. The doppelganger being and the question of healing also play a role.

Mehr Karma Erkenntnis

Bild: Dünnschliff schwarzer Turmalin aus Sambia. Foto: H. Aleff/ AGiD

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