Including Nighttime

Nightitime plays an enormous role in development and learning. Yet it has been little appreciated so far. How does pedagogy succeed in including the night?

Waldorf education is concerned with the question of how the laws of the rhythms of life can be incorporated into education. Whether our education promotes or disturbs learning during sleep is a question of consciousness. Those who understand these rhythms can work with them. This is the topic of a livestream on the May 18th, to which the Society of Anthroposophic Doctors in Germany (GAÄD) invites you. It addresses one of the most important rhythms of life, sleep: “But what actually happens during sleep? Can healthy sleep be learned? Is it possible to sleep too much? Not all hours of the night are equally restful. The medical perspective shows us more about sleep phases and what happens when they are disturbed.” Besides sleep, nutrition also plays a major role: “[…] eating regularly, as good and as fresh quality as possible, contributes significantly to vibrant well-being. How healthy eating can also be attractive for children and young people is a question of the right measure.” How we as human beings, especially children, develop during sleep is even more concealed; the speakers in the livestream will explore this question deeply. The evening will open with three short talks: ‘Sleep rhythm, sleep phases, sleep disorders from a medical perspective,’ ‘Learning with the night, learning at night: how does it work?’ and ‘Rhythm and nutrition: the healthy measure.’ Afterward, there will be a panel discussion between the speakers Martina Franziska Schmidt, Thomas Maschke, and Karin Michael, which will also include questions from the audience. The participation fee varies according to occupational groups.

Registration and booking: GAÄD Webinar

Image Isaac Quesada from unsplash

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