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New Scientific Publication on the Effects of Homeopathy

A report published in the scientific journal Systematic Reviews at the beginning of last October provides evidence that homeopathy has significant positive effects on health—beyond the placebo effect. As reported by the International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations (IVAA), the publication is the first systematic review of all existing meta-analyses of placebo-controlled studies dedicated to the curative application of homeopathy. The methodological quality of the studies is comparable to that of research on conventional medicine. The report concludes that the beneficial effects of homeopathy for the patient are just as significant as that of conventional treatments. Thomas Breitkreuz, President of the IVAA and head of the Paracelsus Hospital in Bad Liebenzell, Germany, commented: “The findings show that the repeated calls to stop support for homeopathy are unfounded and that continued high-quality research into homeopathy is warranted.”


Translation Joshua Kelberman
Photo Sofia Lismont

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