From Pedagogy to Agriculture

Alysoun Bolger is co-executive director of the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International (BFDI).

Bolger first encountered biodynamics while training as a Waldorf teacher at the Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, USA. She later moved to the UK where she studied at Emerson College and became a lecturer in biodynamic education. Bolger learned more about biodynamic agriculture by teaching it and through her marriage to a biodynamic farmer. She remains enthusiastic about the paths her students take after their education, and is likewise grateful to the generation before her, especially her parents, who fought for feminist causes and allowed her to choose for herself what she wanted to do for the world. These days, she has noticed – including with her daughter (and her daughter’s circle as well) – that it’s less about gender categories and more about the question: Who is my counterpart? Bolger hopes that we will succeed in listening better to our counterparts, and that we will also encourage others to stand up for themselves.

Source Panel: Women as Pioneers in Biodynamics, 2/3/2023, Agricultural Section.

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Photo Alysoun Bolger. Photo: Xue Li

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