Film Project on Social Threefolding

A film to encourage Social Threefolding.

Over the past three years, a group of young people from Germany spent a great deal of time and effort exploring Rudolf Steiner’s idea of the threefold social order and as a result created the film Interaction – What is Social Threefolding? The film is now available on their website. It is free, but donations to help fund the project are welcomed and highly appreciated. There are currently five people supporting the initiative, some of whom are students. One of them is a freelance filmmaker—this is how access to the medium of film came about. The group, who know each other from anthroposophical youth seminars, decided to start the production after a private seminar with Sylvain Coiplet in early 2020. Since then, they conducted many interviews and visited project sites in Germany for the production work. The group shot scenic transitions in a studio and designed a work-schedule survey in which it is still possible to participate.

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Translation Eliza Rozeboom
Image A still from the film

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