Connecting Humans and the Cosmos

“Connecting Humans and the Cosmos, Healing the Earth” is the mission statement of Koberwitz 1924, Inc, a Philippines-based center for biodynamic agriculture, health, nutrition, and education. The non-profit initiative was presented at this year’s Whitsun Online Festival organized by the Anthroposophical Society in the USA.

The name of the project refers to Rudolf Steiner’s 1924 Koberwitz lectures on the renewal of agriculture. The village of Koberwitz, which is now part of Poland, is considered the birthplace of biodynamic agriculture. The initiative has been promoting regenerative farming practices in the Philippines for the last 14 years, as well as education modeled on Waldorf schools, holistic medicine, and therapeutic approaches. In their work, the center’s leaders focus on personal and appreciative relationships with each other and on maintaining contact with locals.

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Translation Eliza Rozeboom
Image Koberwitz 1924 Inc. staff with participants of a “Transformation Camp” in front of the Seedhouse. Photo: Koberwitz 1924 Inc.

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