Holistic Education for Everyone

The Waldorf movement has been growing in East Africa since the 1980s. In 2007, individual educational initiatives joined to form the East Africa Association of Waldorf Steiner Schools. The East Africa Association has been working to link Waldorf projects from Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

At this year’s Whitsun Online Festival organized by the Anthroposophical Society in the USA, the association presented its goal: to establish Waldorf schools and biodynamic agriculture in East Africa.

The heart of the organization is the Rudolf Steiner School in Mbagathi, Kenya, which offers Waldorf teacher training for primary school classes and Waldorf kindergartens. Motivated by the goal of providing as many children as possible with a general education and access to holistic education, the school also awards comprehensive scholarships to financially disadvantaged families.

More Rudolf Steiner School, Mbagathi

Translation Eliza Rozeboom
Photo From the film project Living Farms

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