Biodynamic Winemaking

‹On the freedom to make the right wine› is the title of a book that portrays twelve biodynamic wineries.

Romana Echensperger completed her training as a wine connoisseur with a ‹Master of Wine›, the most difficult wine test in the world. She worked in top restaurants as a chef sommelier and now works as a wine journalist and freelance consultant. She spent a year researching her book, with the result: «Biodynamics is not a dogma, it thrives on individuality. […] Their approaches can complement the scientific perspective to find the best solutions to the increasing environmental problems caused in agriculture, including viticulture. […] The significance and possibilities of this rediscovered economy for people and the environment are immense!» More freedom in responsibility for themselves, the employees, the customers, and the earth was the motive for the winegrowers to turn away from conventional viticulture.

Photo Yool/ Demeter International

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