Internal and External Climate Change

Together with the European Academy of the Culture of Landscape Petrarca, the Peace Project Tamera, and the Academy for Applied Vegetation Science, the cultural community fakt21 has developed a regeneration training for the home. The start day was February 26 (entry is still possible). Three questions for their cultural advisor and the artist Philip Stoll.

Is it important to you that every person can learn to do what is ecologically necessary on their doorstep?

Yes, here in Bochum at the Institute for Waldorf Education with Gerhard Stocker, at the Sackern Farm with Lukas König and Hans-Christoph Vahle, we have seen again and again that ecological work can be easily implemented by all people in front of their own doors. Of course, a biodynamic farm shapes an entire landscape, and a private garden changes only a small piece. However, both are home to different biotopes that can be maintained and further developed. For example, the biotope of the edge or the wall.

What does it mean to ‹lift the potential of a place›?

Photo: Philip Stoll from the cultural community fakt21

To raise the potential of a place means to observe it sensitively and to get to know the genius loci exactly, which means its peculiarity. Because in this peculiarity also lies the possibility of further development. So many places in our cities and landscapes are losing their vibrancy. But they could be full of life. We are interested in how these potentials can be seen through perception training, how landscape becomes readable, and how good impulses for the healing of landscapes can be set. With the training, everyone can learn online how to take the biotope work in their own place into their own hands.

How does spirituality come into play for you?

For us, the Anthropocene is an exciting moment to be human. Everything we do and think has a direct impact on the shaping of reality. On various levels, this is particularly evident within ecology and the climate issue. In agriculture, we do not think in terms of the principles of the plant world, but in principles of the market economy. If we have a lively thinking oriented towards diversity and the environment, small-scale, diverse, lively places are created. How do we come to a living and loving thinking, feeling, and will that produces the world we desire? The deeply inner and also the very practical external practice of this living being is what matters in the Anthropocene.

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