Becoming the Spirit of Detroit

What does our world need? ‹Becoming the Spirit of Detroit›, a conference sponsored by The World Social Initiative Forum and Eldberries Threefold Cafe, works with this question.

In July 2022 we have an unusual opportunity to work together on key questions in relation to all that is happening in our world.

The World Social Initiative Forum, based at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, is collaborating with Elderberries Threefold Café – originally out of Los Angeles and now also in Chicago – to bring the World Social Initiative Forum to Detroit, July 21-24, 2022.

The title of the forum is “Becoming the Spirit of Detroit”. We see in Detroit many people working in many ways for renewal, rejuvenation and collaboration, and we feel that creatives all over the world can learn from what is going on in this city. The forum will be 4 days of work together, speaking, sharing stories and inspiration and engaging in practical work at the Brightmoor Maker Space with the young people there. It will be a new, creative revisioning of a conference, centering around a threefold action research symposium.

The forum will include presentations with Seth Jordan, Gopi Krishna Vishnaya, Mary Stewart Adams, Orland Bishop, Hannah Schwartz, Kim Sherobbi, Bart Eddy, Joan Sleigh and others.

You can help us in many ways: come to the Forum yourself, help spread the word to people you know, share your ideas for cultural renewal, or make a donation to help us achieve this collaborative response to the needs of our world!

The forum will be preceded by a gathering of the Youth Section. After the forum we will have a gathering for members of all sections of the School for Spiritual Science.

See you in Detroit!

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