Audible Impulses

Those who want to immerse themselves in Anthroposophical history in English can become patrons of a new podcast.

On the Patreon website, people can support others’ audible projects, such as podcasts or lectures, by choosing to make a regular donation. The site also features a project called ‹Anthroposophical Impulses›. In this series, the history of Anthroposophy in art, architecture, and literature is presented as ‹oral history›. For this concept, oral history is mainly collected in conversations with elderly people. Another interesting episode that is currently free to listen to is ‹What to See in Dornach and When is it Open› – a good audio tour in and around Dornach to prepare for a visit and get lots of helpful tips.

More Patreon ‹Anthroposophical Impulses›

Photo Xue Li – Translation by Simone Ioannou

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