Rethinking Our Coexistence

From the 25th to the 27th of November the Goetheanum will be hosting the conference ‹Threefold Order Switzerland›.

The impact of the measures against the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine has further destabilized world conditions. All over the world, people are longing for adequate provision of the necessities of life with moderate working conditions for all, with due regard for sustainability in nature. Furthermore, many people seek to live ever more self-determined and free lives through education and self-development. Last but not least, socially conscious people desire a form of politics that reconciles the concerns of the individual with the whole, independent of economic or power-oriented influences. In regard to these human tendencies and goals, Rudolf Steiner referred to the threefold order of the social organism on the occasion of the First World War in his written work ‹Core Issues of Social Aspects› and in several lectures. An insight into these interrelationships shows how an understanding of economic life, intellectual life, and legal life, both in detail and in their proper interaction, forms the basis for a recovery of social conditions worldwide. It is to this understanding that the organizers of the conference series ‹Brotherhood Economics› have dedicated the conference ‹Threefold Order Switzerland› and the three preliminary events in Bern, Basel, and Zurich.

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Photo source Event flyer – Translation by Simone Ioannou

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  1. This is a commentary on the article “Rethinking our Coexistence” written to promote the coming conference “Theefold Order Switzerland”, in which title the word “Social” is missing. But this is a minor point, what is more important is that from the whole tenet of the article it is clear that the form of the threefold social order is the one that Rudolf Steiner brought forward in 1919 in his book on the core of the social question, which form however in 1922 at the beginning of his Course on World Economy in Dornach he declared, due to the changing circumstance in the world, to be no longer valid, outdated. He then proceeded in this Course to give a new way of thinking and language in order to threefold the world economy, which had become the overriding influence exerting its malevolent power on the political and cultural spheres and thus had to be threefolded first.
    This World Economy Course was in effect the third phase of development of the idea of the threefold order of the social organism, which began with his two Memoranda in 1917 to the German and Austro-Hungarian governments to end WW I, and which ended in 1923/24 in Dornach with the social organic reconstitution of the Anthroposophical Society.
    I have elaborated on these four developmental phases in my publication “Rudolf Steiner’s Memoranda – Powers to the People” which I presented at a conference on May 28 last at the Elisabeth Vreede Haus in the Hague here in Holland. It can be read at

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