Antiracism and Anthroposophy

The Anthroposophical Society in Germany (AGiD) Strives for Communication and Education.

In recent weeks, numerous media articles have again been published in Germany presenting Anthroposophical ideas and practices in a critical, sometimes distorting light. Already during the Covid pandemic, reports were suggesting that racism and anti-Semitism per se were inherent in Anthroposophy. The AGiD has now launched a comprehensive website that provides an overview of the research and (self-)critical debates on racism and anti-Semitism. It collects publications from recent decades and statements by large organizations. In addition, a blog that scores with more in-depth interviews and questions and answers, which shortly provides a differentiated attitude to frequently asked questions.

More Anthroposophie gegen Rassismus [Anthroposophy against Racism]

Translation Monika Werner
Photo Erik Mclean

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