After Ascension Day Is Before Ascension Day

For more than 15 years, bird lovers have been meeting on Ascension Day at Hof Michael in Endeholz/Lower Saxony. Hans-Christian Zehnter from Dornach and Wolter Bos from Amsterdam always take over the guidance.

In the beginning, it was a small group of trusted friends. Now, it has grown into a seminar with people joining from the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland. It is about looking at the bird world in a Goetheanistic-phenomenological way and immersing oneself in it, looking at the bird in the environment in which it shows itself. They also try to describe together what can be perceived in a bird: its stature, its colors, the plumage, the flight, and its call and singing. Where do we find the bird? What is the mood of the singing in the respective region? All participants express their perceptions informally, and it pleases the whole person.

The conference begins on Ascension Day in the afternoon and ends on the following Sunday with lunch. The food is biodynamic and the accommodations are simple and good.


Picture Meeting 2021, Photo: A. W. Erlen, Translation: Monika Werner

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