WHO Standards Set

The World Health Organization (WHO) sets standards for training in Anthroposophic Medicine.

At the end of March, the WHO commented on training standards for Anthroposophic Medicine for the first time. Anthroposophic institutions such as the International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations (IVAA) are very pleased about this. «We welcome this development,» said Iracema Benevides, vice president of the IVAA. She said it is an important step toward anchoring Anthroposophic Medicine even more firmly in national health structures. Matthias Girke, head of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, also expressed satisfaction: «The guidelines fully reflect what the Anthroposophic community understands as the minimum for Anthroposophic training in health care.» The interdisciplinary approach of Anthroposophic Medicine requires that the training standards set, apply equally to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and therapists. Now, the WHO standards have to be implemented by national authorities. Thomas Breitkreuz, IVAA president and director of the Paracelsus Clinic in Germany, emphasized that the IVAA is ready to work with any national authority to implement the standards and ensure high-quality Anthroposophic health care.


Translation Eliza Rozeboom
Image Oncologist Marion Debus with the team. Photo: Medical Section at the Goetheanum

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