What Is the Spiritual World for Me?

The weekly staff meeting at the Goetheanum has recently featured individual coworkers speaking about what the spiritual world means to them. Sebastian Jüngel, who works in Communication, gave his insights.

It is invisible but effective at the beginning and the end of life: as if by an invisible hand, the child is directed. In the biography, this becomes an inner striving to take this or that path in life. Sebastian described examples in which one could sense spiritual work at play. During a language course in Bochum, he came into conversation with another participant about Martin Luther’s interpretations of the Ten Commandments. During this time, it was not easy to research on the Internet. The two made their way to the university library, but the police unexpectedly blocked their path. The detour led them to a municipal office, where they could buy the interpretation in the form of a reasonably priced brochure. «We got to the document faster than if we had visited the library.»

Translation Monika Werner
Image Sofia Lismont

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