Waldorf 360

New network for middle and high school teachers

Waldorf 360 is a newly founded international online platform that offers middle and high school teachers a space for collaborative exchange for the first time. The initiative was launched by the British organization Waldorf Modern Teacher Education and Center for Anthroposophy in the United States. Starting in January 2024, weekly online meetings will take place on the platform and will be facilitated by Waldorf teachers with many years of practical experience. In the workshops, participants will develop a better understanding of the creative principles of Waldorf education, with a focus on pupils 12–19 years old. The emphasis will be on the inspiration behind the practice as well as its concrete implementation. The intention of Waldorf 360 is to offer expert dialog and mutual support through person-to-person experience. The meetings will be held in English with German subtitles.

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Translation Joshua Kelberman
Photo Fauxels/Pexels

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