The Nocturnal Side of the Earth

1 The secret of the human soul is that its wisdom nature is not explained by its earthly existence; you cannot find the bottom of the soul during the day. In order to understand all its nature, other experiences must be added. These consist of following it to its nocturnal side.

Only experiences of the nocturnal wanderings of the soul complete the picture of its essence. Sleep brings the soul into a different, deeper relationship with reality. It means a becoming and being of complete oneness of the soul with the spirit and soul beings of the things and beings that human beings encounter during the day.

From this, the soul develops a special power of judgment, which is not based on the material, on the sensual trails, but on the essential. The soul’s own gestures of imitation and empathy are based on the nature of its nocturnal existence. The oneness with the being world in sleep continues during the day in the capacity of empathy. This is the origin of the recognizing abilities of the soul. Only by becoming one with the other being can the soul recognize this. The night trails lead it to areas to which it owes its wisdom nature. From them it receives its golden background, so to speak. The soul’s wisdom nature is inscribed in it night after night. The paths it takes every night, its nightly experiences make it a perfect being.

The fact that in our sleep we lose consciousness that would teach us about the hidden wholeness of the soul only shows what is still in us. If we did not lose this consciousness, all secrets would be open to us. We would no longer be ignorant people who first have to learn to deal with the authority that is given to us. We would look at the consequences of our thinking and doing because we could follow up on what happens to our impulses in the realm of sleep. We looked at the complete truth of our motives and deeds, namely their continuation in the spiritual worlds. We would no longer have to deceive; the illusions to which we succumb would be immediate. The night is of great clarity. We are still preparing to see this clarity that shines through all darkness. When the dark no longer dazzles us, it becomes transparent. We then no longer oversleep its bright ground.

2 To walk the paths of knowledge of the higher worlds means to consciously follow those paths that are taken by the soul between falling asleep and awakening. Higher knowledge takes the experiences of the sleeping soul as a role model. Meditations of this kind open up the consciousness of the nocturnal side of the soul. The sleeping soul teaches the awake. From the experiences that can arise this way, two are described here.

One can have the experience of being initiated in a special school if one tries to follow the sleeping soul. It is the school of those beings who inhabit the Earth with us, the school of the higher beings of minerals, plants, and animals. The sleeping soul has deep encounters with these higher beings. Testaments of these encounters can be found in meditation.

Even sensually encountering the minerals, plants, and animals leaves no doubt for the fine sensation to enter a special school. Every plant, every crystal, and every animal looks at the human being; their fullness, their power and their beauty, even their healing powers, give a ‹holy scare› to those who entrust themselves to them. They touch the soul, but they obviously don’t just touch the day-side of the soul. Its wise gaze penetrates deeper; it wakes us up for previously unknown areas of our own being.

Picture: ‹analog sky›, Fabian Roschka, 2022

Such encounters with the beings of the kingdoms of nature are good preparations for encountering their nocturnal side. The nocturnal side of the soul is the spiritual sphere in which the sleeping soul unites with it. In order to have conscious experiences from it, meditation is a good method. It serves to look beyond the sensual appearances. To do this, one evokes the ideas of a rose quartz, arnica, or a cow. From the respective idea, you can continue to be led. One wishes to become acquainted with the nocturnal side of being. In the silence of the soul, this nocturnal creature can reveal itself. It’s easier than you think. In time, one will have experiences of the other cow, of her spiritual nature. Arnica and rose quartz will also reveal their nocturnal sides, their other sides. You will perceive their need to communicate to human beings – because what they show is meaningful.

Such experiences prohibit rising above a crystal, plant, or animal. For one experiences the dignity and grandeur of their spiritual beings. It is amazing how they hide their true nature. By giving themselves deeply into the material world, they deceive about the high spirituality of which they are carriers. It is shameful how inaccurately we observe; how negligent our judgment of these higher beings is. To go into debt to them is basically unforgivable. For they are Gods who appear to us in the earthly as if they were devoid of the divine. This makes them defenseless. The desire of human beings for domination degrades them to things that they can dispose of at will. Human beings submit them to their needs without asking for theirs. Only by becoming aware of their nocturnal and essence side will one no longer be able to deal with them in this way. One experiences and recognizes their equality. They only take different paths through the earth’s development than human beings do. An order in which it is divided according to superior or inferior beings is based on false presuppositions. Individual beings are not given the necessary attention and respect, instead, the earthly life form is declared to be the judging measure. Thus, the soul does not pay the necessary attention to the nocturnal being of the World and the Earth. However, this would contribute to being able to truly encounter the beings of the Earth from the direct perception of natural harmony. It would be self-evident to disregard, abuse, and harm them. We would begin to follow them.

3 In addition to the well-known day-side, the Earth also has a nocturnal one. In order to appreciate the Earth, an understanding of its whole being is necessary. The meditation here is carried by the desire to meet the cosmic being of the Earth, its nocturnal side, in the silence of the attentive soul. Patience will be necessary, one will have to free oneself from restrictive and one-sided ideas; eventually, however, experiences arise through which the ‹Nocturnal Earth› begins to communicate. It is soon clear to the inner eye that the Earth envelops the individual human being like the mother envelops the unborn child. The Earth envelops and nourishes us every moment. Each of its numerous and diverse beings contributes to this. Every human being participates in the infinite goodness, diversity, and devotion of the Earth. Gifts upon gifts come to him; he constantly receives impressions that are deeply inscribed in his soul and consciousness, that shape him, transform him, touch him, also frighten him, challenge his curiosity, his sense of nature, and spirit of exploration. Beyond everything, he feels the infinite silence and tranquility, the harmony, and liveliness of existence. These meditative experiences reconcile. Human beings can stand up on them because they testify to a reality that is easily forgotten, but which is of a force with which many resistances can be mastered.

Even a brief glimpse into this event awakens a deep reverence for the Earth in the person looking at it. He experiences that the Earth is a meaningful cosmic being. These insights make it easier for him to enter into a true relationship with the Earth and the beings that exist on her. He feels how true the words of the Kogi Indian Arregoces Coronado-Zarabata are. The Earth and the beings who inhabit the Earth with us do not belong to us – we belong to them.

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