The Stars of the Archer

In our age, Christmas takes place when the Sun is passing through the front part of the stars of Sagittarius, the Archer. On Christmas Eve, the Sun stands amidst the bow with its arrow, aiming.

The Archer and its opposite stars, the Twins, represent the stars of the vertical axis of the great world cross of solstices and equinoxes; the vertical egoic beam of that cross, the axis of ‹I am›. The stars of the Archer present an imagination of our becoming human. It is about our identity. In the Archer, we meet the core question: What is the human being? We see the image of the animal nature from which the human torso arises, who aims to the future with his bow. It shows our double nature and our emerging spiritual ideal. In our world today, we have answers to who we are. We are an animal. We are a computer with software. But as the Sun shines in Archer during Holy Nights, we can actively take up the true question of our human identity in the story of the Incarnation of the true I AM into Earth. From the pure child of Christmas Eve to the Christ Sun at Epiphany, we find the fulfillment of the aim of the Archer’s arrow and our true identity during these special days.

Photo Sofia Lismont

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