The Future of Medicine Begins

Across the globe, young therapists are initiating new impulses in Anthroposophic Medicine. For the first time, during the Annual Medical Conference 2022, under the motto ‹The Human Being is a Bridge›, they took the initiative to rework impulses of Anthroposophic Medicine.

These people felt the impulse to form an international, interdisciplinary community and to carry Anthroposophic Medicine into the future. 30 therapists from about 15 countries formed a working group: the Ita Wegman Forum. Other contributors from different countries are constantly joining.

Young therapists from all over the world who are interested in and work with Anthroposophic Medicine want to find new ways to deepen and apply their understanding of this ‹medicine of the future›. They recognize the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health and look at human beings with all their layers and relationships that can form and determine health and disease.

To build a deeper understanding of their vision, they cultivate a fruitful exchange of ideas. In this way, they form a beneficial, fruitful framework that is constantly reoriented to the members’ needs.

How is this community formed in the world? Ita Wegman, who, with Rudolf Steiner, is regarded as the founder of Anthroposophic Medicine, attached great importance to establishing and maintaining interpersonal and interprofessional relationships and pragmatically used all available means. In this sense, the Forum wants to contribute with modern means of communication to connect interested young people all over the world with Anthroposophic Medicine and with each other. They hope to build bridges across countries, cultures, and different health professions through the website and face-to-face communication. The local community meets twice a year in person. Individual working groups regularly discuss Rudolf Steiner’s ‹Young Doctor’s Course›. A virtual meeting also takes place every two months to further grow their vision.

Approaching the 100th anniversary year of this ‹Young Doctor’s Course› in 2024, a conference is planned for all interested parties. One aim of this conference will be to exchange ideas about practical, artistic, and experiential approaches to Anthroposophic Medicine and, thus, to learn and work primarily with the heart.

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Image Workshop from the project meeting Young Impulses in Anthroposophic Medicine in Dornach in September 2022, Photo: Jakob Kraul, Translation: Monika Werner

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