The Founding of the Arlesheim Academy

Arlesheim Academy for Anthroposophic Medicine offers Foundation Studies and leads other inter-professional, internationally oriented training and further education. Managing Director André Hach talks about the foundation process.

It has now been seven years since the Arlesheim Doctor Training Program was founded. The aim was to provide systematic, up-to-date, and practice-oriented further training in anthroposophic medicine for students and doctors. We immediately received great demand from interested parties in other healthcare professions. With the interprofessional introductory seminar and Foundation Studies, an international, interprofessional foundation course in English, we now have two training formats that are aimed at professionals from all healthcare professions. Starting this year, the practice-oriented Clinical Case Course will supplement the international offering.

We were therefore looking for a new, contemporary name that would harmonize with the diversity of our offerings and the broadening target group. This gave rise to the idea of the Arlesheim Academy for Anthroposophic Medicine. It is an academy that brings together past developments and opens up space for new ones, where people can explore, study, gain skills, and deepen their knowledge. The academy combines various study programs that teach the concepts and practical skills of anthroposophic medicine. They are aimed at members of any health profession and include introductory courses, in-service training, and international study programs. The Academy is part of the Arlesheim Clinic, where most of the courses take place. It integrates the knowledge and experience of the clinic, which has been supplementing conventional medicine with personalized, holistic methods since 1921.

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Translation Charles Cross
Photo Paul Stender

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