Strong Kick-Off

People from 15 countries converged for the Asia-Pacific Biodynamic Conference in Malaysia at the end of October.

Walter Siegfried Hahn later told the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International (BFDI) that this conference could be remembered as the «Asian Koberwitz» (see BFDI November Newsletter). It was perhaps the first time that ‹Dornach› had happened in Asia. From the point of view of the organisers, the BFDI and the Malaysia Demeter Association, the meeting was a complete success. It was a powerful networking and communal factor, yet also a learning-intensive programme. There was happy feedback as well from the many participants. Mahendra Kumar from Nepal said: «The conference was an opportunity to find all the collective forces with diverse polarities and the same vision and mission to restore our Mother Earth to health.»

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Picture Jaison Jerome (India), Anthoni Selvi (India) and Etha Widiyanto (Indonesia) during the preparations workshop of the Asia-Pacific Biodynamic Conference 2022. <strong>Translation</strong> Christian von Arnim

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