Special Mystery Dramas

A look back at what was possible under Covid conditions at events at the turn of the year: The restriction was ‹2G›. The Christmas play and the mystery dramas nevertheless found their audience.

On December 26, the Christmas conference began with the performance of the four mystery dramas in front of about 300 spectators. In addition to the many health cancellations of leading actors such as Jens Meier and Rafael Tavares, there was a broken arm of the eurythmist Gioia Falk. «No guest was here out of convention but out of conscious determination, that could be felt. With students from Stuttgart and Witten, families and experienced mystery drama professionals, three generations came together», says Stefan Hasler about the atmosphere in the hall. The hall discussion in the middle of the conference was impressive after free three-way conversations and a eurythmy demonstration, in which everyone in the hall practiced the representation of the powers of Lucifer, Ahriman, and the center. The silence and attention in the hall particularly impressed him, says Hasler. The new line-ups for the dress rehearsal were a ride for the ensemble. Four young performers have joined the well-rehearsed team. In several respects, this Christmas conference was anything but a ‹normal› Christmas conference. Every day there were small concerts and readings by Milena Kowarik and Christian Ginat.

At the round table, Ueli Hurter mentioned that in retrospect it turned out to be right to perform the dramas despite the Covid restrictions. Gerald Häfner emphasized that it was unthinkable to imagine that the Goetheanum would have been empty on these days and that these people would not have been able to meet in this way. Vicke von Behr emphasized that these dramas can give the courage that the year 2022 will demand. Peter Selg concluded the conference in front of 200 listeners with the New Year’s Eve lecture.

Cover photo: Goetheanum East view with snow. Photo: Xue Li

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