Resilient Childhood

The mental health of children is an issue all over the world, which also raises questions for Waldorf Education.

Goetheanum co-worker Ioana Viscrianu spoke at the virtual International Waldorf Campus on the 4th of October about the latest findings of academic research on resilience, the latest UNICEF report on the mental health of children and young people, and what contribution Rudolf Steiner’s educational impulse could make to strengthening our children. She first introduced the field of research and then spoke about an approach to work for teachers, parents, and caretakers who are faced with the task of helping children to grow up in a ‹crisis-proof› way. The ‹International Waldorf Campus›, initiated by Alanus University, is open in English to everyone with an interest. It is possible to participate live or watch the lectures on YouTube.

YouTube ‹Fostering Resilience in the Classroom

Bild Ioana Viscrianu Translation Christian von Arnim

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