On The Way To Growth

Since 2020, the Demeter China Association (DCA) has been working to ensure that Biodynamic Agriculture is developed locally.

To this end, the DCA has organized various workshops on Biodynamic preparations on different farms. These workshops were open to a large community of people from Biodynamic and organic agriculture, trade as well as consumers, and all interested parties. The DCA’s approach goes beyond the mere transfer of Biodynamic knowledge or practices and is aimed at a holistic educational experience that involves students in their thinking, feeling, and wanting. DCA member Hermin Tang shared his experience: «As a participant who has participated in all the preparation workshops, it is a great experience to notice all the nuances when you make preparations every year. It’s a moment to see if I’ve been able to sharpen my skills and my sensory perception.» For example, the training incorporated online lectures by foreign instructors and Tai Chi exercises from this traditional Chinese Martial Art. The workshops strengthened the bonds and the network within the community. The community is relatively small, and as Hermin says, the DCA needs the support of its like-minded people and the guidance of experienced biodynamic farmers. At the moment, the main concern of the DCA is that the community grows and develops a network of practices – the workshops had this valuable effect. For Hermin, this was as challenging as it was worthwhile: «I enjoyed getting to know all the new faces in the group, especially the young people. Youth power is urgently needed to spread biodynamic agriculture in the future. I hope we were able to find a communication style that attracts many more young people.» Nevertheless, while Biodynamic Agriculture has been developing in China for more than 20 years, Hermin sees the need for experienced instructors who can support training initiatives across the country, not only on preparations but also on fundamental issues such as animal husbandry, beekeeping, etc. For Hermin, there is an urgent need to raise awareness of Biodynamic Agriculture and its products within the country. At the same time, we could make valuable contributions if we integrate traditional Chinese agricultural knowledge with Biodynamic principles.

Source Biodynamic Federation Demeter International

Photo From the meeting of the DCA – Translation: Monika Werner

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