Movement Creates Mobility

Dornach. Movement is essential for health. Movement stimulates learning and makes change possible.

The benefits of movement are being seen, studied, and discussed in medicine, psychology, and the educational, cultural, and social sciences. According to Lina Baimler, Manuela Biesantz, Stefan Hasler, Hanna Koskinen, Ulrike Wendt, and Michael Werner, the organizers of the conference “Movement creates mobility—Eurythmy as a source of life”, this reveals new opportunities and possibilities for the use of eurythmy. In these times of a lack of movement and simultaneous pressure for social change, this conference provides responses to contemporary challenges.

The international professional conference at Easter 2024 will provide an opportunity to experience, question, and explore the central working area of eurythmy—movement that is infused with soul and vitality—and to bring it to fruition together. The organizers consider encounters to be a form of movement between people who are listening to and taking part in each other, and developments in the field of eurythmy will be the central motif of the meeting. The conference will also include a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s two courses on eurythmy, the tone and speech eurythmy courses. They write, “We want to celebrate this together by looking to our future tasks with vigour and enthusiasm and making the professional conference a place where we can refresh, strengthen and rejuvenate ourselves.”

More International Conference on Eurythmy/Eurythmy Therapy. April 3 to 7, 2024.

Translation Charles Cross
Photo From the flyer/Charlotte Fischer

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