Meta-study on biological soil quality

Who is the best to protect the soil? The summary of 100 studies gives the answer: biodynamic farming!

The current meta-analysis “Impact of farming systems on soil ecological quality” by Amélie Christel from Agroparistech, Pierre-Alain Maron and Lionel Ranjard from INRAE Dijon compares cultivation systems that are known as alternatives to conventional cultivation that is harmful to the soil: dynamic agriculture and regenerative agriculture. All of these systems claim to improve agro-ecosystems and there are already sufficient scientific studies for all of them – around 100 studies were selected for the meta-analysis. Organic soil indicators are around 70 percent better in organic and biodynamic agriculture than in conventional agriculture. Overall, the soil indicators in biodynamic agriculture are around 43 percent better than in organic agriculture.

More: Positive effects of biodynamic agriculture on soil quality

Image: Eva Wolf / Demeter Switzerland

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