Goetheanum World Conference

Reshaping the World Movement

At the Goetheanum during Michaelmas, we’ll be working for the future of the Anthroposophical movement: How can Anthroposophical work contribute to world culture? Will we remain a niche area? How do we avoid closing ourselves off? And how do we create the momentum to take our first steps together?

Each day will have a theme relating to a motif from the ‹Foundation Stone Meditation›. The first day will be themed ‹Earth – Wanting to Incarnate› with the call: «Human Soul! You live in the limbs». The second main day will have the motto ‹Plurality – Living Diversity Together›. This will sound with the call: «Human soul! You live in the heart-lung beat» and make us aware of how we live in relation to others and the whole world. The third day, which will be dedicated to the theme ‹Knowledge, Art and Anthroposophy›, relates to the call: «Human soul! You live in the resting head», the place where thinking happens. The conclusion will be a harvest of what we’ve lived through and worked on, with a preview of the next seven years. Here, from the last stanza of the ‹Foundation Stone Meditation›, we will be inspired by the hope that awakens action: «That which develops well is founded on good intentions and well executed through thoughtful leadership.»

The Program:

Morning: Three keynote speeches with discussion groups will impulse the day’s questions. This will be followed by twelve discussion forums looking at different topics from different perspectives. The focus will be on contemporary issues as well as perspectives that can be developed from Anthroposophy. Panel contributions, moderation, and dialogical modes of working, with up to 60 people in a forum, will be the working methods. At the end of the morning, there will be an Open Space with World Café and working groups.

Afternoon: The conference unit ‹Reshaping the World Movement› will begin with a keynote address, followed by chat groups, followed by a panel discussion with plenary. This will be accompanied by moderators from the university and guests from the world movement. Afterwards, we will divide into 32 discussion groups under the theme ‹World Movement in Conversation› and share perspectives on the Anthroposophical movement.

Evening: In the evening there will be stage presentations from the Goetheanum and the World Movement and to conclude the evening, there will be a night café.

With anticipation from the preparatory group: Christiane Haid, Ueli Hurter, Constanza Kaliks, Johannes Kronenberg, Andrea Valdinoci

Goetheanum World Conference September 27-October 1, 2023
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Translation Eliza Rozeboom
Image Goetheanum/Xue Li/Philipp Tok

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