Our Relationship to Nature

Our relationship to nature is largely determined by the imaginary world in which we live and by the direction in which we – unfortunately still mostly automatically – direct our consciousness.

Usually, we experience ourselves surrounded by a world of objects, which could be there without us, as they appear in our consciousness. We believe we see objects outside of ourselves and don’t notice that – for them to appear to us in this way – we must imagine them in a certain way at the same time. We mostly overlook the fact that the reality of these objects is based on the joining of two experiences, which are gained in quite different ways: the perception that comes from outside, and the concept brought forth from within. Therefore, while our consciousness is completely directed away from us, in an outward direction to the objects, we accomplish something within us, which essentially co-determines the character of an appearance.

From Jochen Bockemühl, «Erscheinungsformen des Ätherischen», (Forms of Appearance). Stuttgart 1985, p. 11.

Translation Eliza Rozeboom
Graphic Sofia Lismont

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