Eurythmic Health

Roskilde, Denmark. A seminar on the therapeutic application of the art of movement.

Certain eurythmic movements can strengthen our immune system, our self-healing powers, and our well-being in a comprehensive and sustainable way. From May 9 to 11, a seminar on this very topic will be held at the Kristofferschule in Roskilde, Denmark, as part of the “Flow & Health” series. The event will be led by Vera Koppehel, eurythmist and co-founder of the Copenhagen Institute for Inspired Movement. The seminar is open to all interested parties who work in therapeutic, educational, and eurythmic fields or would like to continue their professional training in this direction. Basic therapeutic elements of diagnostics and methodology in connection with eurythmy and movement will be taught. The course will be held partly in German and partly in English.

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Translation Charles Cross
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