Esotericism of the Social

More and more people facing the abyss are looking for a new spirituality. Some find themselves but lose the world. Anthroposophy orients one towards something else: Self-knowledge and world-knowledge are always connected – just as self-development and world-development are closely connected and condition each other. That is why the will to change the world and the will to change oneself belong closely together.

Esotericism is also relationship. Relationship to the spiritual in one’s own soul, to that of the other person, and to everything that is around one – a relationship to the entities of higher worlds. Thus, one’s own life path is also a path of training, and every encounter on this path is a possibility for higher knowledge and experience. The social, the world of encounters, work, and money, isn’t simply the cold, external, alien world it may sometimes appear to be. It is an entire universe, one that is suffered through and shaped by personality. Here, the spiritual becomes real. What appears as coagulated thoughts, sensations and deeds can be transformed into love.

With the series ‹The Esotericism of the Social›, Gerald Häfner, leader of the section for social sciences, who is responsible for the Social Science Section, has invited us to search for this ‹training path in the social›. The question is how to make oneself capable of bringing together mindfulness, living experience of the spirit, and commitment to transformation in politics, economy, and society.

Translation Eliza Rozeboom
Photo Nicole Asis

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