A Walk-In Dialogue

First Theme Day With Hans Wagenmann: «Heimaten» – «Homelands»

From spring of 2023, the Eventeurythmie association is starting the series «Theme Days» with various dancers from the Eurythmy scene; a new kind of dialogue about the work and the path to it between creators and audience. The artist Hans Wagenmann will open the format in the association’s own studio Einsatzstelle25 on June 3. «Heimaten» is the name of the performative installation, and with performance, videos, drawings, working materials and conversations, a walk-in dialogue field is created. Is «Heimaten» more than just a precarious asylum? A shifting of movements, spaces and meanings becomes visible, a: «Who are you, other?» In this performative, situational installation, the vulnerable, damageable human being is not just a metaphor, but rather an actor of identities, of awakening, a discarding and taking up of a body.

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Translation Eliza Rozeboom
Image Stephanie Scheubeck/Hans Wagenmann

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