Association in Economy

Joyce Birungi is the Head of Programs at YARD Uganda and Kisakye Primare School; Dr. Annette Massmann is the Director of GLS Future Foundation for Development (GLS FFD) in Germany.

Asis What have you learned from your co-working in realizing ‘association in economy’?

Massmann So much and I am still learning. We work with 74 partners in 18 countries, all from different conditions and diverse religious, cultural and economic backgrounds. We aim at the same goal: how to get this world and its people to unfold their potential—for their loving social capacity; for not only maintaining the resources at hand but improving them; and for conserving the planet for future generations.

Birungi GLS has heavily invested in human resources. It supports capacity-building in many Ugandan communities, like teaching young people organic farming. I have learned that the beneficiaries should take the lead to co-fund and implement activities. Moreover, every one needs training in gender—be it women, children, elderly, men, youth, orphans etc. Every one should also be given access to education and livelihood. Only then can true development be achieved.

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Image Annette Massmann, Photo: GLS Treuhand

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