Climate, Justice and Regenerative Agriculture

Liz Carlisle will moderate a keynote talk by two women featured in her new book, Healing Grounds: Climate, Justice, and the Deep Roots of Regenerative Farming (2022), at this year’s US National Biodynamic Conference, November 8-12 in Colorado, USA.

In Healing Grounds, Liz Carlisle’s most recent book on regenerative agriculture and agroecology, she suggests that soil can save us from climate catastrophe, but only when the soil stewardship practices of indigenous communities lead the way.

“From Hawaii to New York, from Montana to Puerto Rico, young women farmers and scientists of color revived the ancient traditions of regenerative agriculture to respond to climate change and racial injustice. These people did not understand regenerative agriculture as a menu of individual, isolated practices from which one could select and then make a sustainability assessment. Rather, they saw regenerative agriculture as their ancestors did—as a way of life.”

Born and raised in Montana, USA, Liz is an associate professor of environmental studies at UC Santa Barbara, where she teaches about food and agriculture, and publishes on food and agriculture policy, promoting soil health practices, and supporting new farmers.

Source Biodynamicconference/2023
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Image Liz Carlisle, Photo: Su Evers

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