Biodynamic Food Quality

From May 23rd to June 27th, the Agriculture Section is offering an online course on nutrition and food quality.

The course is based on Rudolf Steiner’s suggestion that the focus should not be on a full stomach, but on the mental stimulation, that occurs through nutrition. Quality is formed in the field as an interrelationship between growth and maturity forces. Each plant has its balance of these forces and forms individual vitality and resilience. The quality depends on the conditions in which the plant grows and is grown.

The online course ‹Nutrition and Biodynamic Food Quality› is intended as a basic course and is developed for all those who work or are interested in organic and biodynamic agriculture from farm to table. It offers insights and experiences on the connections between nutrition, biodynamic quality, and a healthy food system. The most important methods and findings in the research of food quality are presented and practiced in practice.

In addition to Jasmin Peschke – who is responsible for the event – the speakers are the co-section head Jean-Michel Florin, the authors of the Dutch book ‹Bursting Life – A Plea for Sustainable Nutrition›, Paul Doesburg and Petra Essink, and the nutritionist Anna Perrent.

Image Biodynamic foods. Photo: Xue Li

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