An Education Festival in Germany

Borchen, Germany. Being human in work and education.

From May 17 to 20, Hamborn Castle, south of Paderborn in Germany, will host an education festival organized by anthroposophical associations and the Anthroposophical Society. The festival will be a place where young people can find inspiration for their professional future. There will be career forums and practical excursions to exciting professional fields with meaning. At the education fair, there will be space for encounters with people who may help young guests in their choice of studies and training. In panels and discussion rounds, they can talk to like-minded people about current topics relating to career and future planning. There will also be a range of artistic activities and a variety of live music. The intention of the festival is to encourage visitors to find answers to questions about the meaning of work, personal development, and their own responsibility—in order to transform the world into a more humane, ecologically sustainable, and healthy place.

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Translation Charles Cross
Photos Florian Bauer, Waldorf Festival 2019 in Hamborn

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