A Study Program with Breadth and Depth

Former students describe their training experience.

Combining art therapy with anthroposophic medicine: a Thai therapist’s reflections on Foundation Studies.

When I heard about the Foundation Studies, I enrolled without hesitation. Not only was it a high-quality program, it was also affordable. At the time of my enrollment, I was finishing an art therapy training in Bangkok. I wanted to combine and deepen art therapy with anthroposophic medicine. I was deeply grateful for the team’s extraordinary commitment to providing the best possible content and accommodating everyone’s learning. The scope and depth really broadened my understanding of anthroposophic medicine. I particularly enjoyed the wonderful video lectures. The dialogue during the online meetings made it possible to relate to my practice. My study group was a valuable link to the whole program—I would have been lost without them. I was deeply impressed overall. I am now inspired, empowered, and spiritually connected to a wonderful community of anthroposophic practitioners. I carry this with me and will continue to do so whenever I can. —Sajin Prachason

Of substances and compresses: an Australian nurse’s comments on deepening her journey through Foundation Studies.

As a nurse, I work with both conventional and anthroposophic medicine. I wanted to deepen my knowledge and practice of anthroposophic medicine with the Foundation Studies at the Arlesheim Academy. I wanted to better understand why I was administering the substances and compresses. There are few anthroposophic doctors in Australia, so we anthroposophic practitioners work very independently. I needed a solid foundation for what I suggest to patients, and I found much more than I had hoped for. Each person leading the course does so out of genuine love for their field. The regular online meetings also nourished me—I was able to connect with an international community that wants to provide authentic, profound, and effective healthcare. I realized that self-reflection deepens learning, which awakens more curiosity and longing for answers and reconnects me more strongly with myself. —Vivian Henderson

There’s always something you can do: a doctor’s thoughts on taking the Foundation Studies.

There was a moment when I realized that in order to progress as a doctor, I needed deeper insights into the phenomena of life, nature, illness, and health. In the Foundation Studies at the Arlesheim Academy, I was able to learn the basics of anthroposophic medicine. In times of crisis, it seems like there is nothing you can do to help and understand what the person in front of you is experiencing. I learned one simple thing: there is always something you can do. You can close your eyes and wish for someone to feel better, you can read a story, light a candle, pick a flower, and you can ask: “How can I help? What do you need?” We all sometimes get lost in pain, but we are always looking for love. Turning pain into love is a healing art that must be learned with respect and reverence. I will be forever grateful for the loving support of my group and the Foundation Studies team. —Maja Ribar

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Translation Charles Cross
Photo Paul Stender

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