A New Art Study Year at the Goetheanum

In October, the Goetheanum will launch a new artistic course of study in sculpture, architecture, and painting (one trimester each) on an anthroposophical and Goetheanistic basis.

This will be the first course of its kind at the Goetheanum, encompassing sculpture, painting, and architecture. Christiane Haid and Barbara Schnetzler are leading the study year and will be joined on the faculty by Christian Hitsch, who previously taught art at the Goetheanum, as well as Rudolf Kaesbach, Pieter van der Ree, Esther Gerster, Nathaniel Williams, and Renatus Ziegler, and other guest lecturers. In contrast to the general anthroposophical introductory course, this full-time course is taught in German. However, this course will also include the basic works, Theosophy, Philosophy of Freedom, Outline of Esoteric Science, and How to Know Higher Worlds.

The artistic training is aimed at those interested in the arts and, according to the announcement, also aims to enable students to keep their bearings in a complex, changing world. The courses aim to help students recognize, understand, and shape organic life and spiritual forces. In three trimesters, which can also be attended individually, anthroposophic and Goethean approaches to architecture, sculpture, and painting will be explored practically and deepened through the study of anthroposophical principles. According to those responsible, community building and active participation will also play an important role in the course. The training will be financed by tuition fees and take place in rooms at the Goetheanum.

Information Nicolas Gadacz, sbk@goetheanum.ch

Translation Charles Cross
Photo Ariel Turner

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