What do I mean by higher development?

The effort for spiritual development should not only lead to more insights. A comprehensive understanding of truth also aims at the effects that these insights have on life.

However, the consequences of these insights on life are not only in the application and ‹implementation› of the insights but above all else in the underlying and hardly noticeable changes that a spiritual activity creates in myself and my life. In this sense, spiritual higher development is not only to be sought to increase knowledge and greater competence in the so-called higher methods of knowledge but above all else in a deepening of life and a substantial humanization of the whole being: in relation to myself, in relation to other people, in the experience of the world and nature, in the sensitization to areas of health and disease – up to the change of the mental, physical, and social constitution.

From: Wolf-Ulrich Klünker, Anthroposophie als Ich-Berührung. Chapter ‹Was heißt geistige Höherentwicklung?›, Dornach 2010.

Graphic: Sofia Lismont

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