What Do I Mean by ‹Developing Human Being›?

It is the developing human being in every human being, and what a teacher does is not put anything in, but offer stimulation and nourishment, resulting in a stimulating effect on the own developmental forces within the small child, the developing human being. And that is something so great that it flows back to the teacher.

In a certain sense, small children have an even stronger power of the developing human being within them than adults. It bubbles up and moves towards the teacher. Out of every small child. So what happens when we teach? A double current. From the teacher: nourishment, support, help and then wait: What comes from the child? And now something flows back to the teacher, so that it is quite tenable to say: In every education, the teacher learns just as much as the student. Only they aren’t learning the same thing, it’s something different, but it’s just as spiritually effective, which flows in both directions. As a teacher, you are in situtation where this other person will gradually grow up and then do what ‹he› himself decides, and not what I, the teacher, decide. If the teacher has even the slightest, untenable idea that this student should become a certain type of person as an adult, then this hinders the whole education.

Image Sofia Lismont

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