The Future of Music Therapy

Monica Bissegger has been a music therapist at the Filderklinik for 33 years. She teaches as a guest lecturer in German-speaking trainings.

Asis What moves you in your daily practice as a music therapist and teacher?

Bissegger I have experienced in my daily work how the patients always arrive into moments of truth. In this respect, I have found this therapeutic form as having a quality of the future. As a teacher, it is important for me that the aspiring therapists develop an artistic and therapeutic perception.

Asis How do you imagine the development of anthroposophic music therapy? How could you contribute to realize this potential?

Bissegger A training initiative that I am currently a part of is planning a master’s program in Germany. The establishment of this program opens the possibility to keep anthroposophic music therapy as a method, as well as to develop it further. The potential lies in the merging of human and music. Grasping the essence of this relationship and its transformation in a healing process is the wish.

Title image Monica Bissegger, Photo: J. Rühle

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