“The Evolution of the Human Being through Mythology, Art and Philosophy”

Juan Bottero, Co-Founder of Youth Section Argentina, returned to Argentina after completing the Goetheanum’s Anthroposophical Studies program in 2018, to tackle new challenges from an anthroposophical perspective related to social and economic questions.

Juan Bottero

In 2019, Juan and a few friends started an initiative with the aim of promoting Social Threefolding in Spanish. Juan also became responsible for the development of Banca Ética Latinoamérica (Ethical Banking Latin America). With Joan Melé, he travelled to México, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, and the United States promoting the creation of a new economy based on human dignity.

This year, Juan took up two new tasks. The first is coordinating the World Goetheanum Association for Latin America, which aims to bridge local initiatives, institutions, and companies regionally and globally. This month, for example, he moderated an online event about SEKEM with Helmy Abouleish using Spanish translation and drawing over 100 participants from Latin America.

Juan’s second new project is the anthroposophical course, “The Evolution of the Human Being through Mythology, Art, and Philosophy” – a project he shares with Rufo García Rubio and his mother, Gabriela Henke, an art teacher. The course aims to be an introduction to anthroposophy through experiencing the development of human consciousness as it manifests in mythology, philosophy, and art. Participants will take a historical journey using themes from Ancient Egypt, Greece, the Renaissance, the Goetheanum, and more to better understand the present era and gain guidance for facing current challenges and achieving the ultimate goal of the harmonious development of our I. This online course begins October 2, 2023, and will last one year. It is offered in Spanish with simultaneous translations into English and Portuguese (minimum participants for the translation: 12).

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Title image Workshop situation at the anthroposophical course “The Evolution of the Human Being through Mythology, Art and Philosophy”, Source: Course Website

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