From Student to Coordinator

After graduating from the Anthroposophical Studies program at the Goetheanum in 2016, Andrea de la Cruz worked at the Youth Section as a researcher and eventually joined the Studies and Further Education team to coordinate the study programs at the School of Spiritual Science.

Andrea de la Cruz, Photo: Xue Li

This coming academic year, over 40 students from 22 countries aged 18-73 will join the Anthroposophical Studies program. The program is hosted by the Studies & Further Education Department within the General Anthroposophical Section. A core faculty at the Goetheanum leads the classes in collaboration with the section leaders of the School of Spiritual Science and experts in various subjects such as philosophy, science, fine and performing arts, politics, and economics. Students will be involved in text study, artistic practice, nature observation, and seminars on the history of the anthroposophical movement and its expressions in fields such as medicine, education, and nutrition.

Andrea spent the last 6-9 months reading applications and interviewing applicants and has witnessed the coming together of a diverse and unique group of individuals that truly reflect the cosmopolitan nature of our societies and the anthroposophical movement. She most looks forward to accompanying these individuals in developing their own research initiatives. With the assistance of the faculty, each year, the students are encouraged to research a question arising out of their own experience of contemporary issues and to explore methods of inquiry. Last year’s 2022/23 students produced several excellent works on topics such as the impact of technology on the soul and body, future architectural practices, and child observation practices in Waldorf schools, to name a few. You will find some of their articles published in Das Goetheanum and on the Studies and Further Education website.

More information about the courses and how to join the studies at the Goetheanum

Title image Andrea de la Cruz with students, Photo: Nicole Asis

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