That Good May Become

A call to all who live or work with anthroposophy. We invite you to help make the “Foundation Stone for the Future” shine worldwide by saying the Foundation Stone mantra on December 25, 2023, if possible, at 10:00 a.m.1

We do this in grateful remembrance of what Rudolf Steiner achieved for the future of humanity one century ago. We trust that our awareness will reach where it is needed in the earthly world. Michael works through our activities. One hundred years ago, the essence of the foundation stone was first taken up into the individual hearts and into the collective hearts of those present at the time through the conveyance of the Foundation Stone mantra. Today, through this mantra, the Foundation Stone can also be taken up in one’s own heart and shared in the community. Let us remember together, in a worldwide community, on Christmas 2023, and may this event be thereby renewed.

That good may become
What we
From our hearts would found and
From our heads direct
With aim-filled willing. 2

We encourage collaborative discussion of this project and suggest focusing on current problems in the world. This will deepen the text as a whole.

On behalf of the preparatory group for the 100 Years Christmas Conference 1923 [100 Jahre Weihnachtstagung 1923]: Maria Ratering and Elly Beeren.

Translation Joshua Kelberman
Photo François Bonhôte

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  1. Rudolf Steiner began his address “The Laying of the Foundation Stone” on Christmas Day 1923 at exactly 10:00 a.m. Central European Time with three knocks from his gavel. With these signaling knocks, he called upon the spiritual powers and created space for the laying of the Foundation Stone of the new Anthroposophical Society—this gesture enacted a merging of the esoteric movement with its earthly form, the new Society.
  2. Translation by Marc Desaules and Christopher Houghton Budd; see Marc Desaules, “The Challenges of Christmas 1923.” Last accessed Dec. 13, 2023.

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