Technology and Spirituality

Through working with young people internationally in recent years, especially after the discussions in the Youth Section staff meeting in June of 2023, we have become aware that issues related to technology, digital technology in particular, and spirituality are becoming increasingly relevant to young people.

During the “February Days” conference in 2024, we will work to understand the relationship between these aspects of our lives and try to orient ourselves by seeking deeper knowledge. Experienced and committed professionals will come to share their perspectives. Working collaboratively, we will create spaces for dialog on these urgent issues that are so important to us individually and collectively. To prepare for this event, a group of young people has been meeting in the Youth Section in Dornach every Tuesday since the middle of October to read together a selection of Rudolf Steiner’s thoughts on these matters. The conference is aimed at younger people and will be in English.

February Days: February 1–4, 2024
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Translation Joshua Kelberman
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