Successful Trauma Conference

These days, ‹Trauma› is getting people moving. Developing exercises and insights is also becoming relevant for eurythmy work.

The trauma conference, which lasted several weeks, began in January and ended on April 2. The online course was available in four languages and received with huge interest. The organisers of Eurythmy4you had already recorded 850 registrations by February, and students of eurythmy and curative eurythmy were allowed to participate free of charge. The conference was held in English, Ukrainian, Spanish, and Russian and a lot of effort was put into organising interpreters so that participation was open to as many people as possible. The video recordings and presentation slides (multilingual) are still available. Following the ‹Trauma› conference, further work on the topic is being organised every Sunday from 23 April to 2 July – here, insights can be deepened, and exercises for trauma therapy can be developed.

For more information Eurythmy4you

Translation Eliza Rozeboom
Image ‹The Blowup› from unsplash

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