New Editor at Steiner Studies

Marcelo da Veiga has been the new editor of ‹Steiner Studies› since January 1st.

Veiga will publish the international trade journal together with Hartmut Traub in the future. Christian Clement remains actively involved with the journal as a member of the Advisory Board. Veiga is a Professor of Philosophy and Society and Head of the Institute for Education and Social Innovation (IBUGI) in Bonn. He is the founding rector of the Alanus University for Art and Society and a regular guest on the Accreditation Council. The open-access journal ‹Steiner Studies› is an international, peer-reviewed journal that aims to disseminate original scientific research on the work of Rudolf Steiner and the associated currents in the fields of philosophy, art, spirituality, and religion as well as the natural sciences, history, and humanities. It was founded in 2020 by Christian Clement and Hartmut Traub.

Source frommann-holzboog Verlag
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Translation Monika Werner
Image Marcelo da Veiga. Photo: Viola Bender

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