Never Again Is Now!

Echzell-Bingenheim, Germany. A statement on the increase of prejudice and discrimination in Germany from Anthropoi, an anthroposophical association of organizations committed to supporting individuals with disabilities.

In a position paper published in January, the Anthropoi Association expressed its views on the rise of anti-democratic and right-wing populist attitudes in German society. Under the heading “Never again is now!” the association, which has 174 member organizations, spoke out in favor of inclusion and diversity. Regardless of assistance needs, geographical heritage, sexual orientation, religion, or worldview, equal opportunities for participation must be possible for all people in Germany. Questioning individual human rights of disadvantaged groups, such as the right to asylum, is a worrying step towards a historical repetition of the exclusion, persecution, deportation, and destruction that took place during the Nazi era. Selectively granting or taking away rights of freedom and security would result in the loss of freedom for all people in society. According to Anthropoi, this would undermine the fundamental rights enshrined in the German constitution.

The mere questioning of the legitimacy of self-determination and support for people with disabilities, which happened, for example, in the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk [Mid-German Radio) interview with the Thuringian Alternative für Deutschland [Alternative for Germany] politician Björn Höcke, attacks the ethical core of our coexistence. Although the association understands itself as non-partisan, it must clearly distinguish itself from certain parties and movements. These include those that identify with right-wing populist, ethnic-biologist, and fascist world views or sympathize with their content. These attitudes are not diminished by the fact that the movements occasionally advocate positions that are also important to Anthropoi, such as the advocacy of homeopathy. The association concludes its position paper by calling on every individual to strive to protect democracy and the human rights of all people in Germany in both public and private contexts through personal conversations, acting with moral courage, and when voting.

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Translation Charles Cross
Photo Leo Visions/unsplash

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