Moratorium on Digital Education

Germany. A call for public discussion on the digitalization of education in an interdisciplinary and scientifically sound manner.

Academics from a wide range of disciplines and research areas have joined forces to call for a moratorium on the use of digital media and artificial intelligence in German educational institutions. In their collaborative statement, they criticize the unquestioning promotion of digital technology as a contemporary solution to educational issues. In the text, they refer to various studies that have proven the negative effects of screen media on children. These include proven impairment of learning ability and language development as well as worrying implications for the mental health of children and young people. In line with the duty of caring for public educational institutions, the authors demand a moratorium on digitalization, particularly for the period of early education until the end of lower school (Grade 6). According to the signatories of the statement, the well-being of students and the effectiveness of pedagogical action must take priority.

More, and to sign the appeal, at Gesellschaft für Bildung und Wissen

Translation Joshua Kelberman
Photo Sigmund/unsplash

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