Meeting in Times of Crisis

The Anthroposophical Societies in Germany and Austria cordially invite you to Rudolf Steiner’s birthplace.

The colloquium, Anthroposophy, a Cultural Impulse of the Future: Michaelic Meeting Culture in Times of Crisis, will take place in the Croatian village from July 13 to 15. Gerhard Stocker from the German Society Board will introduce the themes of the meeting. A guided tour of the house where Rudolf Steiner was born, led by Willi Grass, is of course on the program. Grass will also give insights into the First Goetheanum with a lecture. In addition, Christian Community priest Tom Tritschel will be there to give a seminar on East-West tension, and Tomaz Biffio will speak on contemporary cultural impulses and spiritual forces. Olga Kranich will not only set the mood for the meetings with music but will also introduce the notion of vocal-consonantal qualities as essential phenomena. During the breaks between contributions, there will be space for the exchange of ideas.


Translation Eliza Rozeboom
Image Street in Donji Kraljevec, Croatia, Photo: Croq/Wikimedia Commons CC 3.0

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